Quilting Services



All-over patterns (pantographs) and custom designs: You design your own quilt pattern, choose a ready-made design, or I will work with you to create a unique design especially for that one-of-a-kind project, whether it is to be a special bed covering or a work of art for the wall.

•    $0.018 per square inch and up, depending on the complexity of the design.

Prices for machine quilting DO NOT include any other materials or services.

•   Thread charge: $2 for crib size; $3 twin; $4 full; $5 queen; $6 king size.  Various top-quality threads are available, including variegated colors, at this price.  DO NOT bring your own thread

There is a minimum charge of $45 per quilt

HAND QUILTING (including Hawaiian quilting):

For that very special piece, there’s nothing like hand work.

Hawaiian quilting in the traditional “echo” style, approximately 3/4 inch between rows and 6-7 stitches per inch

•    $0.25 per square inch

American-style hand quilting: custom patterns to fit the style of your individual piece

•    $0.15-0.30 per square inch, depending on complexity


Prepare & cut binding:

•    straight binding, $0.05 per linear inch

•    bias binding, $0.08 per linear inch

Attach prepared binding by machine (front only):

•    $0.05 per inch

Finish binding by hand:

•    $0.10 per linear inch


Complete quilts, custom-made to your order, by hand or machine

Hand cutting and/or basting of Hawaiian quilts

Pressing before quilting

Piecing the quilt back

Hand or machine basting only (basting is included in the price of hand and machine quilting)

Trimming the completed quilt top

Adding hanging sleeve to wall hanging

You name it!  I’ll be happy to work with you to make your quilted work of art complete.


All quilt tops and backings will be quilted in the condition in which they are received.  Before you bring your quilt in for quilting, be sure that both quilt top and back are well-pressed and straight.  If it is not pressed and you wish it to be, there will be an additional charge ($20 minimum) for pressing.  If it is not straight and flat, no amount of quilting can make it so!

Backing and batting must be at least 8 inches wider AND longer than the quilt top.

If the backing is pieced the seams should be pressed OPEN.  All edges must be straight.  Selvedges must be removed.  IF THE QUILT TOP AND/OR BACKING IS DIRECTIONAL (i.e., has a “top” side), PLEASE PIN A NOTE WITH THE DIRECTION ON THE  PIECE!

Batting should be a good quality, such as “Quilters’ Dream”, “Hobbs”, or “Warm Co.” brands.   No bargain polyester, please — you would not be happy with the results.  If you do not have batting, I can supply anything from the Quilters Dream line, at a reasonable cost comparable to what you’d pay in the fabric shops.   So many good new battings have hit the market in the last couple years that it’s hard to keep up.   Call for current pricing.

Prices quoted herein are effective as of January 1, 2013, and are subject to change without notice; the price you will be charged is the price in effect at the time the quilt is delivered for service.